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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Amica Is Watching You

A few days ago I posted the following on Twitter:
"Amica rules. Gotta huge crack in my windshield but it took only 10 minutes on the phone to get it all worked out. Nice."  
I tweeted it not because the event was particularly interesting but because I figured somebody might want an additional data point the next time they were researching auto insurance.  To my surprise, I got the following tweet:
"Thanks for your tweet about Amica. We're glad you're happy with us."
That little bit of text lets me know that Amica might be a company that actually "gets it".  Perhaps they realize that conversations about Amica are taking place all of the time and that they might as well get involved in them?  Very 21st century.  I almost wished I had posted something negative just to see what their response would be.  Would they take steps to try and make me happy?  Would it just be a canned "we're sorry" type of response?  Would they remain silent?  If they are a company that not only participates in the conversation but actually takes action when feasible then I'm probably going to be a customer for a long time.  Faceless corporations just don't cut it for me anymore.

I'm curious about the technology being used.  Amica is both an insurance company and an opera.  It might even be a word in another language.  How do you sift through all the conversations and only pull in the ones about Amica the insurance company?  How do you monitor all conversations on the internet?  How do you watch Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and YouTube comments to find out what people are saying about your company?  I'm guessing somebody has built a company around that notion and I'd be curious to understand how they did it.

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