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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Follow Up: Amica Is Watching You

In an earlier post I described how my auto insurance company noticed something I had said about them on Twitter and tweeted back.  Today I got a phone call from an Amica representative who answered a few of the questions I posed in my blog.  Lisa assured me that if I had complained about something they would have attempted to contact me in an effort to help.  First, they'll try to reverse engineer the customer's name from their online id and call them.  If they can't figure out who the person really is, they'll attempt to contact them on-line.  The technology used to monitor on-line conversations about the company is surprisingly simple.  A few people in the office use RSS feeds and Google to identify conversations they should be aware of.  I figured some complex system or entire company was behind it but I guess simple is works just as well.

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