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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why should Apple tell me what I can and cannot buy?

I don't develop mobile applications, but if I were I'd spend some serious time thinking before committing to the iPhone platform.  I know Apple is the market leader and their stuff, for the most part, just works but I'm disliking Apple more and more each day.  Today, I learned that they are pulling network scanning applications from the app store.   Last month Apple pulled the boobie apps from the store.  Parents don't want their children downloading software with half-naked women onto their iPods, which I completely understand.  Today, they removed a type of tool that I personally use -- something that can detect if there is an open wifi hotspot in the area.  I'm sure Apple will issue a press release explaining why they did it and will apologize to any developers that may have been affected but I'm no longer interested in hearing Apple's rhetoric.  As a developer, you have to pony up for an Apple laptop if you are going to develop on their platform -- period.  How would you feel if you bought one of their expensive computers just so you can create your own application in the hopes that you might make a few bucks and Apple deems your app as inappropriate for their platform?  No warning, no guidelines, no apologies -- your application no longer welcome in the app store.  As a developer I would be furious.  As a consumer, I'm not too happy either.  Apple is now telling me what I can and cannot purchase.  I don't like the Big Brother aspect of the company and I'm very likely to buy an Android phone when I finally decide to buy a smart phone.  I'm hoping that Android continuously eats away at Apple's market share and forces them to be a little less controlling and let consumers may their own purchasing decisions.  Thanks for letting blow off a little steam.  I feel better now.

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