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Monday, August 2, 2010

Atlassian Stack: FishEye

Today's mission: install FishEye, the source control repository analysis tool. Quoting the online docs: "FishEye unlocks Subversion, Git, Perforce, Clearcase, CVS, and Mercurial with real-time notifications of code changes plus web-based reporting, visualisation, search and code sharing." I'll be installing 2.3.5 Standalone edition.

  1. create a new user account and group named fisheye
  2. add the fisheye account to the subversion group -- it needs read only access to the Subversion repository 
  3. extract the fisheye zip into /opt
  4. make a softlink from the new installation directory to /opt/fisheye
  5. change ownership of the installation directory over to fisheye:fisheye.
  6. mkdir /opt/fisheye-home
  7. change ownership over to the fisheye account
  8. export FISHEYE_INST in /etc/environment so that it points to /opt/fisheye-home
  9. copy /opt/fisheye/config.xml to /opt/fisheye-home
  10. logged out and then back into the account to make sure that the environment variable was set correctly
  11. as the fisheye account, start fisheye: sudo -u fisheye /opt/fisheye/bin/
  12. connect to http://localhost:8060/ and run through the wizard
  13. had to do something odd, in order to get the server id I had to start with the "obtain evaluation license" option and then back out and do the "enter existing license option"
  14. Added the Subversion repository by specifying svn://localhost/opt/svn
The initial installation is done.  Next step, integrate it with the rest of the stack.

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