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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Do I Use Spring Security To Secure Spring MVC and Spring BlazeDS In The Same Application?

Context: I have a single web application that is based on Spring 3.  It serves up RESTful resources using the new Spring MVC annotations and it works fine.  After some head scratching and research, I finally figured out the configuration required to lock down the Spring MVC calls with Digest Authentication via Spring Security 3.  I then wanted the ability to provide access to the same set of services to our Flex clients using AMF so I added Spring BlazeDS Integration to the mix.  Remoting a service via Spring is almost trivial.  Add an annotation or two and you are good to go.  Adding security to the mix is almost as easy.  If you follow the directions on how to lock down your AMF channels, it'll work fine.  The problem I ran into is that set of security filters set up by the Spring BlazeDS Integration directions interfere with the set of filters needed by Spring MVC.  The solution?  Watch things in the debugger in a working environment, reverse engineer the required filters for Spring BlazeDS and then specify them by hand in your Spring Security set up.  Spring Security uses a chain of filters to apply authentication logic to servlets.  Spring MVC and Spring BlazeDS get their own instance of DispatcherServlet in the application.  You then apply the required filters to the appropriate servlet.  My solution was to break up the Spring Security beans into three files:

  • common-security-context.xml - holds beans that are common to both Spring MVC and Flex authentication
  • mvc-security-context.xml - holds the beans specific to authentication of the RESTful API
  • flex-security-context.xml - holds the beans specific to authentication of the BlazeDS calls
What you should end up with is the ability to invoke the service in two ways: one as a RESTful resource and one as a Flex Remote Object.  In each case, providing the same set of credentials should authenticate you.  In summary, relying on the Spring Security namespace to set up your security environment does not work if you are combining Flex and Digest authentication: you need to set things up by hand.

Here are my versions of the files in question.  I hope that it saves you some time and effort.


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