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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ship It! - 3.6 Putting It All Together

This chapter is a summary of stuff we've learned so far.

The List
  • publicly available
  • prioritized
  • on an estimated time line
  • living
Tech Lead
  • manages project's feature list
  • tracks developer's current tasks and status
  • helps assign priorities to each feature
  • insulates the team from external distractions
Daily Meetings
  • keep them short
  • require specifics
  • list problems, but don't solve them
Code Reviews:
  • small amount of code reviewed
  • one or two reviewers
  • happen frequently
  • don't publish code without a review
Code change notifications:
  • email and publish notifications
  • list the reviewer's name
  • list purpose of the code change or addition
  • include the diff or file itself, size permitting

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