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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Atlassian Stack: Crowd (auto-start)

One final tweak I need to make to Crowd is to get it to start automatically at system start up.  I'm using the Setting Crowd to Run Automatically and Use an Unprivileged System User on UNIX directions to make that happen.  Here are the basics of the steps I ran:
  1. using Webmin, create a crowd user and a crowd group, making sure to not allow the crowd user the ability to actually log in
  2. changed ownership of the crowd installation directory and the crow-home directory so that they they were owned by the new crowd user and crowd group: sudo chown -R crowd:crowd /opt/atlassian-crowd-2.0.6/ and sudo chown -R crowd:crowd /opt/crowd-home/ (the provided script in the instructions did not appear to change all the permissions needed).
  3. used the /etc/init/crowd.conf provided by a reader in the notes (current Ubuntu uses a slightly different startup/shutdown mechanism: upstart) instead of the Sys V script provided in the doc
  4. issued sudo service crowd start from the command line to start up crowd
  5. verified crowd had started by hitting http://localhost:8095/crowd/

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