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Monday, July 26, 2010

Atlassian Stack: Subversion and Mercurial Installation

I've got a few moments so I figured I would take an easy task and install Subversion and Mercurial.  I'm not sure if the Atlassian stack supports Mercurial but I'm going to install anyway, just in case.  In Greenhopper, I moved the two tasks from the to-do list into my in-progress list by simply dragging and dropping the two cards from one column to the other.  I was in the Task Board view at the time.   Using Synaptic, I installed the subversion, subversion-tools,  mercurial and mercurial-server packages.  The mercurial server installation failed with a post-install trigger failure.  Since I'm not even sure if I can use that server, I decided not to worry about the problem.  I created a subversion user and group who will own the Subversion repository area.  I made my local account a member of the subversion group.  As my local user, I created the Subversion repository: svnadmin create /opt/svn.  I then changed the ownership over to the subversion account and made the group bit sticky: sudo chown -R subversion:subversion /opt/svn followed by sudo chmod -R g+s /opt/svn.  Lastly, I modified a copy of the /etc/init/jira.conf  so that it would start Subverion in daemon mode at startup.  I tested the server by using Subversion over SSH: svn list svn+ssh://localhost/opt/svn.  I created a mercurial user and group and added my local account to the mercurial group.  I then created a directory that will hold the various mercurial repositories making sure to set the ownership to mercurial:mercurial and making the group bit sticky.  I'll admit that I didn't do any real testing but I think that when we discover an issue in the future, I'll be able to use the bug tracking features in Greenhopper.  I went into GH, logged the amount of time I worked on each issue and the resolved the task.

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