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Monday, July 12, 2010

Java Testing and Design - 1.4 A Concise History of Software Development

This chapter shows how computer programming grew from very small and tightly controlled environments to the large, free-for-all that is today's web environment.  The interesting part of the discussion revolve around the modern software development processes.  A flow that the author has termed The Internet Software Development Lifecycle looks like this:

  1. Specify the program from a mock-up of a Web site
  2. Write the software
  3. Unit test the application
  4. Fix the problems found in the unit test
  5. Internal employees test the application
  6. Fix the problems found
  7. Publish software to the Internet
  8. Rapidly add minor bug fixes to the live servers
The web-style of software engineering makes use of many interconnected systems living all over the network. The same decentralization can also be applied the software components themselves as many parts of an application are implemented using shared software.  The author calls to our attention the current "experiment" with open source software development and distribution as well as agile programming.

Next up, Testing Methods...

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