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Monday, July 26, 2010

Atlassian Stack: GreenHopper Configuration

I'm following the GreenHopper 101 document to make sure that the basic configuration is correct.

  1. install the recommended Labels plugin so I can make use of Epics
  2. shutdown Jira: sudo service jira stop
  3. copy the Labels plug into Jira: sudo -u jira cp jira-labels-plugin-2.4.jar /opt/jira/plugins/installed-plugins/
  4. restart jira: sudo service jira start
  5. follow the directions for configuring Jira for Scrum
  6. create a new project category:Installation
  7. create a new project: Atlassian
  8. set the project to use the Scrum template
  9. add Kanban constraints to the project (I don't see the view that the instructions say I should have). I noticed that the Task view wasn't coming up and the error message said it was because the project didn't have a release date.  I added a version to the project and gave it a release date.  Now I can get into the Task view but I don't see the Compact (Kanban) they say I should see.  I looked and Googled but never found anything.  Eventually, I gave up. I might take advantage of my support and see if they can help.
  10. I had to create a new dashboard based on the default dashboard before I could add the Agile gadget indicated by the directions
  11. I opened up GHS-1194 to see if Atlassian can help with the missing Compact (Kanban) menu selection.
  12. Going back into the server after Atlassian commented on my ticket, I found that the missing menu selection was available.  I'm guessing I had to reboot the server to make everything appear.
  13. I was finally able to configure the constraints as described in the document.  Multiple columns can be constrained so I just followed the example and did one.
  14. I should comment that while I was waiting for Atlassian to get back to me, I created 5 stories for Sprint 1 of the project.  I'm not sure if that, plus the server reboot, caused the Kanban menu selection to appear but I wanted to note it none the less.

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